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Poverty and How it Affects the Achievement Gap

Explain what is meant by "the poverty achievement gap", review the literature and discuss 10 peer reviewed research articles about root causes (5) and current challenges (5 articles) regarding the poverty gap.

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What it means is that those in low income areas get off to a bad start and have a very difficult catching up and most don't. Those students lack the plethora of resources that other students have readily available and often have limited access to parents or steady care-givers. The research shows that the brain is at its peak development from birth to age three, where all the synapses form. Then up to age seven is the range of time when it is optimal for language development. If we miss those milestones, children fail to have the edge on those who had ideal conditions.

Epryl King has put together a really useful list of items to consider when staging your assignments.
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This solution shows how poverty affects the achievement gap in schools is discussed. All references used are included.