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    Social Change and the Family System

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    Please help with thinking about a social change issue specific to local communities related to families or children. Using the local media or other sources, please define the issue and examine programs or policies that have been implemented for communities. Describe this policy/program, and briefly summarize its key objectives. Was / is the program successful? Has the program implemented strategies supported by research? If not, what research-supported strategies should be employed to increase the effectiveness of the program?

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    In any crisis situation, it is assumed to be a time of urgent crisis and need. The person you are trying to assist is caught in a cycle of hopelessness, and needs a quick solution. According to McAdams and Keener (2008) immediate actions are required in different phases in a crisis situation. They suggest a framework that consists of: (a) predisposing events, (b) defining the event crisis, and (c) addressing the crisis aftermath. Each phase requires a matched counseling response aimed at preventing the crisis and oriented toward recovery; and bringing about a change.

    Considering a crisis situation with an African American youth whose problems are linked to her social situations. The framework applied to this individual and her family may be linked to a social issue concerning school dropouts. For instance, the predisposing events consist of the youth's abandonment by a social system that began with her childhood. She has been allowed to stay in an environment that has involved both physical and sexual abuse. Defining the event crisis, the youth has had an extended history of absences from school—now she has been suspended. In her addition to her school problems, she has become addicted to drugs. The student has been seen wandering the streets, and has lived as a prostitute. Her problems are further exacerbated, as she steals to feed her drug habit. She is dependent on the drugs to face the reality of a wretched life. Today, the youth has been caught stealing and reprimanded to appear in court.

    In this hypothetical situation, the youth's situation can be attributed to ...

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    This solution provides information on a community program designed to reduce the school dropout rate by aiding students and families to improve their lifestyle and thereby lessen its impact on the community.