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Literature Review: Aging LGBT Community and the Implication on Nursing

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Create a literature review and research the Aging LGBT community and the implication for nursing practice. LGBT caregivers issues and the implications for nursing practice.

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The issues that are facing the aging lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community are riddled in homophobia, discrimination, racism, and pure ignorance. It is an estimated 3 million aging LGBT's in the U.S and this number is intended to double in the year 2030. (www.the taskforce.org) Luckily there are several support agencies that are doing very important work to insure that the LGBT community is properly acknowledge and that their specific aging needs are or at least in the near future will be meet.
The LGBT Project is a non-profit organization that specializes in support for the aging LGBT community. Their mission is to advocate proper access to life prolonging benefits and services. They provide outreach services and take specific interests in providing mentoring for the younger gay and lesbian community who are struggling with accepting their sexuality. The have a series of youtube videos which can be accessed that are ...

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In approximately 600 words, this solution provides a review of literature available on the aging LGBT community and the implications on nursing.

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