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Benefits of a literature review in an applied dissertation

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Can you help me to garner some thoughts for this assignment? Thanks.

The following list includes potential benefits of conducting a literature review: Pick two and describe their importance to your Applied Dissertation.

Here is my problem statement and sub-problems:

Problem Statement: The purpose of this study is to determine if mandated course(s) in cultural competence taken by nursing students at a community college in New Jersey, improve their delivery of treatment, and reproductive care, to women from diverse backgrounds.


1. Does geographic region (rural or urban) impact cultural competence?

2. Does a 'working knowledge' of "Medical Spanish" impact cultural competence?


1. Provides confidence as you discover other individuals' interest in the research area.
2. Allow you to get new or different ideas that you may not have thought about.
3. Provide networking opportunities with other individuals in the field.
4. Allows you to preview what methods others have used and derive strengths and weaknesses found in these methods that could be utilized to enhance your research project.
5. Valuable resource that may disclose sources of information that you were previously unaware of.
6. Potential to provide access to measurement tools created or used by other individuals that have been effective.
7. Potential to reveal problems other individuals have come across in their research that may help you to combat problems that you are facing.
8. Help understand your findings and help you to relate you research to previous research (Leedy and Ormrod, 2001).
Also, now that I have my sub-problems: What are some of the potential pitfalls of attempting this research effort(that you can see)?

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Let's take a closer look at these questions. I also attached a review of a cultural competence model to illustrate one of the reasons to do a literature review.


Cultural competence is the ability to work effectively within the patient's cultural context, which includes individual, family, and community cultural values, beliefs, and behaviors. There is a need for organizations and their staffs to respond with sensitivity to the linguistic and cultural needs of the patients served. (http://www.apha.org/membergroups/newsletters/sectionnewsletters/health/summer05/1818.htm)


(1) The following list includes potential benefits of conducting a literature review: Pick two and describe their importance to your Applied Dissertation.

Let's look at the following two areas:

6. Potential to provide access to measurement tools created or used by other individuals that have been effective.

If I was doing this project, I would be looking for measurement tools for my study. For your second sub- question, I would also be searching the literature for measures of "a working knowledge of Medical Spanish", to see how other researchers measured this variable: "a working knowledge of Medical Spanish" or if you need to develop your own measure. however, it is good to have a measure that has been used and tested for validity and reliability.

I would also be investigating the studies for different types of cultural competence measures, and read the articles through the analysis section to see how they scored and analyzed their data. I would also read the article to review any limitations or warning about the use of the measure or any suggestions that the may offer to other researchers (if any) or if they suggest using a different measure which might address some of the limitations of their study. This information is found in the conclusion or discussion section of a journal article.

As an example, I located ...

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This solution discusses the benefits of a literature review as it applies to the topic of the applied dissertation.

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