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    Assisted Living

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    Part 1: What do you consider the role of assisted living programs in America? How is assisted living different from residence receiving care in a nursing home or rehabilitation center? Why is assisted living such a growing field of health care today?

    Part 2: One of the career fields that should definitely come to the attention is assisted living administration. What could you do to prepare yourself for a career as administrator or CEO of an assisted living facility? What kinds of job opportunities currently exist in this field?

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    Part 1:

    The role of assisted living programs in America is to ensure excellence in senior living. It is a "long term care option that combines housing, support services and health care, as needed" (AOTA, n/d), and helps individuals who require assistance with basic activities of daily living like meals, transportation, taking medicine, bathing, and dressing. Assisted living differs from a nursing home or rehabilitation center in terms of the medical care and services that they provide. A nursing home provides nursing and medical care to people who are not sick enough to need hospital care, but who are not able to remain at home. There is greater federal regulation for nursing home residents. Assisted living does not provide medical care, such as for treatment of specific conditions or diseases.

    Assisted living is a growing field of health care today because there is a greater population of older adults. These aging ...

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