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Comparing Nursing Homes, Assisted Living and Care Communities

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Health care continues to create new services to provide care to patients that are cost effective and efficient. With the aging population, more emphasis is being place on skilled nursing facilities (nursing homes), assisted living facilities (ALFs), and continuing care communities (CCCs) in particular.

Identify a specific skilled nursing facility (nursing homes), assisted living facility (ALFs), and continuing care community (CCCs) in the community and discuss the similarities and differences between this organization's structure, staffing profile, and service emphasis compared to general acute care hospitals that also provide care to the elderly. 3 paragraphs with references

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The solution compares nursing homes, assisted living and care communities.

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The Laurels is a skilled nursing facility in Northeast Ohio. The facility offers long term care for
the elderly, physical therapy, rehabilitation services, and services for kidney hemodialysis. The center
employs licensed registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, state testing nursing assistants, physical
therapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, dieticians, rehabilitation staff, and nurses who
specialize in areas like wound care and restorative care. Other staff members include dietary aides and
laundry aides.
Emeritus is a chain assisted living facility, with a location in Northeast Ohio. The facility hires
LPNs and RNs for wellness nurses, working part time during the week or on weekends. The facility
relies heavily on Nursing Assistants, who work as medication technicians or resident assistants. Nursing
assistants may assist with medications or may provide some assistant with daily living activities, and
possibly changing dressings and assisting with exercise. The facility hires activity directs and many
kitchen staff, as three meals are offered each ...

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