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Assisted living homes analysis

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I am doing a paper where I will be doing a business plan for opening three house senior citizen homes. I will be purchasing three homes. One will be for couples, one for men only, and one for women only. I would like to propose a health care entrepreneurial business plan to provide an assisted living group home where up to three senior couples could live in the same home. The couples would each have their own suites, including full bathroom but would share common areas such as the kitchen and living room areas. The homes will be one level to eliminate the complications that arise with moving from one floor to another. The couples would also share the cost of a live-in care provider(s) that would provide for the "assisted" portion. A similar living situation will take place in the women only and men only homes. The assisted portion would include items such as administration of medications, counseling, transportation as needed, meal preparation, bathing as needed, physician appointments, and mobile alert pager in case of emergency. Also, planned events will be available for the couples, women only, and men only residents such as dining out, casino trips, shopping, and other local events. This plan will allow Team B to research how environmental trends could be used to assist the couples and individual residents as well as to make sure that they receive all the benefits and assistance needed. This will also help to discover what kinds of assisted living and extent caregivers are needed to be in the homes throughout the day and night. For example, during the daytime more then one caregiver may be needed to help with the couples and individual residents. During the evening one caregiver per home may suffice.

I need help with this part of the paper.
e) Evaluate the opportunity
i) List the evidence that supports the need for the potential opportunity. Is the opportunity a societal need? Is it due to the diversity of the industry? If the opportunity is the same as someone else's
idea, what makes it stand out from the rest?

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This is a great opportunity for seniors in the area, largely due to the fact that these assisted-living homes provide a means by which senior couples can share the costs associated with live-in care providers. Also this opportunity provides seniors with the ability to live together as couples while receiving the assistance and care that they need, which is instrumental due to the fact that couples can ...

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