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    Continuum of Care

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    Describe where CCRCs and SNFs lie on a continuum of care that includes a local physician's office on one end and hospice on the other end. Use examples of facilities offered.

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    CCRCs provide from independent living to skilled nursing facilities depending on patient needs. They go from home health care, assisted living facilities, skilled nursing homes to hospice care. The patient can move among them.

    From the Physician office; to
    Home health care (Individual living); to
    Assisted Living Facilities; to
    Skilled Nursing Homes; to
    Hospice Care

    Definitions for those entities were taken from Medicare.gov- glossary

    Home Health Care
    (includes skilled nursing care , as well as other skilled ...

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    The solution involves an explanation of the entities that are part of the continuum of care for the patient. Includes a definition of each entity.