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ensure an effective continuum of care for patients

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Demonstrated through Grinnell Regional Medical Center (GRMC). Information is provided below:

Health promotion and disease prevention

Primary care

Specialty outpatient and acute hospital care

Tertiary care

Intensive physical rehabilitation

Long-term care

Palliative care and hospice

As noted in the Course Media program and on Grinnell Regional Medical Center's website, this small, community-based organization is located in rural Iowa.

As an administrator at GRMC, what would you do to ensure an effective continuum of care for patients in this area?

How would your experiences vary in different organizations? Think about how geographic location influences health care delivery. How would the considerations regarding services differ for you as an administrator of a similar facility in an urban or metropolitan city? What other factors impact delivery of services along the continuum of care? How would the considerations regarding services differ in a similar facility that was part of a local health care system?

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Issues a small, community-based organization located in rural Iowa may have to deal with is discussed.

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As a Grinnell administrator, investing in top-level technology would be a priority. Ensuring a link with top level resources would be invaluable. Many procedures, tests and treatment options can be handled electronically. Tapping into grants and other financial options available to rural providers is useful. Critical and urgent care issues would also be important to address. If securing quality staffing was an issue, then networking with universities and other sources to gain and retain qualified workers would also be a priority.

With life experience and sizeable amount of time in a variety of regions, knowing the local stakeholders and allies is always a good first step for work success but knowing how each region differs and the unique assets and challenges is paramount. Distance and often ...

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