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    Career - Nursing Administrator

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    ASSIGNMENT: - 750 words

    •Describe selected career. selected "Benefits Administrator"
    •Identify two or three services and products within the selected career - Account Management, Inter and External Customers, Maintain electronic health information
    •Identify the workforce roles within the services and products. Workforce Hospital
    •Discuss the impact of the roles on the health care organizations.

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    Select a health care career within the managed care organization, pharmaceutical company, research organization, college, information technology company, the health care continuum (hospital, ambulatory, long-term care), the mental health continuum (diagnostics, outpatient, inpatient), and so forth.
    •Describe selected career. selected Benefits Administrator

    Nursing administrators are required to ensure that patients as well as their families receive the highest level of care possible from the nursing staff with a nurse administrator largely responsible for determining what services the health care facility will offer to patients. This requires the nursing administrator to be capable of providing efficient supervision of nurses. Some of the duties associated with nursing administration entail recruiting new nurses, scheduling employees, training personnel, performing employee evaluations, conducting employee counseling and making hiring and firing decisions with regard to the nursing staff. A nurse administrator serves as more than just a boss but also as a mentor and role model for other nurses who rely upon him or her for their own guidance and questions on how to most effectively deliver quality care to ...

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    The expert describes selected career or a nursing administrator. The expert identifies two or three services and products within the selected career. The workforce roles within the service and products are identified.