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    Importance of Continuum of Care Plan for the Elderly

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    Not too long ago, nursing homes and other facilities were being filled to capacity with disabled or elderly people unable to remain in mainstream society. Their professional care was too disjointed and their health was not being optimally reached so they were being institutionalized.

    A complete continuum of care plan is necessary for elderly and other people with disabilities to age within the community. More and more health providers are accepting the notion that comprehensive, collaborative care plans are needed for the most vulnerable in American society.

    Technological advancements within healthcare facilities is aiding providers when it comes to collaborating on a contiuum of care. Software is being rolled out to facilities across the country. Vacancies in nursing homes are rising, which proves the usefulness of this new notion of comprehensive mental and physical care.

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    A comprehensive continuum of care plan is something that medical professionals around the United States are beginning to realize has a drastic impact on long-term care and health of the elderly and other people with disabilities, who are among the most vulnerable in the population. The basic premise of a continuum of care plan is primary and specialty providers, including mental health professionals and a case manager, work together to provide the patient with the best combination of care, pharmaceuticals, and ...

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    Benefits of a comprehensive care plan for the elderly and other people with disabilities.