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    School Health Offers Professional Services in the Continuum

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    Continuum of Care

    Select a component of the U.S. health care delivery system continuum. Examples include long term care, home care, in-patient care, out-patient care, mental health care, occupational health, school health, etc. Describing the health care delivery component's role in providing services and how it contributes to or lacks contribution to the overall management of health care resources. Include its role in transitioning patients from one level to another level of care in the health care continuum. At least two references are required.

    Include the following information:

    a.Services provided and how these fit in the continuum of care

    b.How does the entity contribute or not contribute to the overall management of health care resources?

    c.Examine the future trends of health care and discuss how these services will be impacted or need to change to meet these future trends.

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    School health is a captive and teachable moment in prevention of chronic and communicable diseases with students and school staff. Often school health is offered at schools that lack resources in the community or because immigration or low income disallows the school population to get traditional medical services. School health education can be valuable in reducing or eliminating long-term adult problems such as substance, emotional or physical abuse. It also offers information a child may remember and use for the rest of his life to ward off problems relating to heart disease, stroke and diabetes, leading health problems in the western world. When the student learns about good diet, adequate rest, regular cardiovascular exercise and safety, long-term benefits can result.

    This is the front line to the major medical system at large. School heath clinics can provide screening for athletes and help with immunization. When students are healthy, they not only are staged better for learning but they don't spread diseases to other students and staff. Some communities offer reproductive health services, which can help prevent teens from becoming parents early and dropping out of school.

    Traditionally, trained professionals staff the ...

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    School health is offered at the beginning of the continuum of care. A variety of health professionals service the school population in a community.