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Health Community Continuum

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I supposed to -> make a line for each of several spectra (intuition/measurement, patient power/practitioner power, etc.) Where does your community belong on each spectrum; then write a paragraph explaining this graphic you've made. I am not sure how to start. Most items are sort of half and half. Please see attachment.

Can you please help me with some of them? Thanks!

Professional's power--------------------------------------------------------------------Client's or patient's power

Computer Diagnosis--------------------------------------------------------------------Human analysis

Variety in practice----------------------------------------------------------------------Focus in practice

DNR honored----------------------------------------------------------------------------Activist care

Patient/client consent/power------------------------------------------------------------Family consent/power

Focus on home beliefs-------------------------------------------------------------------Understand others' traditions

Suffering is universal-accept it---------------------------------------------------------Suffering is transformable

Eat mindfully-----------------------------------------------------------------------------Physical nutrition is unimportant

(Nhat Hanh)

Repressive--------------------Disciplined-----------------Expressive-------------------- Histrionic


Buff up-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Slim down


Individual integrity------------------------------------------------------------------------Social activity

Control-------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------Cooperation

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By example, this solution assists in addressing the items on the health community continuum: Where does community belong in each spectrum (intuition/measurement, patient power/practitioner power, etc.)? Supplemented with an article suggesting that a community that listens is family oriented as it relates to the community continuum.

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