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    Disease and Case Management

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    Based on your review of the two Web sites, answer the following questions
    - Care Continuum Alliance
    - Commission of Case Manager Certification

    a. What is the purpose or mission of these professional organizations?
    b. What standards do these organizations set for certification or membership?
    c. How do these organizations define disease or case management, and do they differ from the text definitions?

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    a. The Care Continuum Alliance (CCA) is a group of corporations and individuals that aim to improve the quality of health care and reduce health care costs by promoting population health (by preventing people from getting chronic conditions). For example, an initiative CCA might undertake is to reduce obesity and therefore reduce the number of people with type II diabetes. This will reduce the costs of care for diabetes and also improve the quality of care for those already with diabetes, since the system will not be as strained. CCA focuses on wellness promotion, disease management and care coordination, and does this by advocacy, research and promoting best practices.

    The Commission of Case Manager Certification (CCMC) is a group ...

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    The purpose and mission of professional organizations are examined. The standards these organizations set for certification or membership is determined.