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    Managed Care Programs

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    Prepare a managed care program based on disease management. Detail the following:
    Introduce your disease prevention program

    The role of preventing disease
    Patient incentives
    Physician incentives
    Case management
    Quality of care
    Prescription benefits
    The Future of data use and informatics
    References (include a minimum of 4 references to support your presentation)

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    Proactive Disease Management Managed Care Program

    The Role of Preventing Disease: The role of this program in the prevention of disease, will be to integrate the professional knowledge of the doctors and other staff within local health care facilities, with the distribution of literature in regards to preventing diseases. This program will seek to unify the efforts of medical facilities with individuals within the local area, as a means by which to proactively prevent many of the most common diseases that affect these individuals. The main emphasis of this program will be a proactive approach, that leads to successful prevention.

    Patient Incentives: The primary incentive that patients will receive from a program of this nature, is a means by which to facilitate the prevention of disease within themselves, which will be much less expensive to them in the long run. In addition, by the early detection of risk factors that these individuals have for contracting certain diseases, it will be possible to prevent many of these diseases from developing to their full capacity, which will be highly beneficial to patients in terms of preventing many of the complications that accompany these diseases.

    Physician incentives: The physicians that take part in this program will receive the benefit of gaining a great deal of experience in analyzing patients in order to determine their predisposition or ...