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U.S. Managed Care

Describe U.S. managed care in detail, including managed care history and the current status. Please provide 2 pages which include the introduction, answers to the above questions, and conclusion. 3 references that do not include websites. Thank you.

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Managed care grew from a need for people to have access to health care services in and out of
the workplace. Initially, groups of workers in various industries joined cooperatives and prepaid a set
fee for services. Typically, members visiting providers in the cooperatives for primary or preventive care
and routine care. Eventually, hospital and emergency care benefits were added to such plans. The
history of such plans can be dated as early as the late 19th century, when mining and farming industries
created a demand for improving the health of workers. Managed care systems or cooperatives did not
become widely popular until World War II, when manufacturers began developing a way to keep
employees working and to reduce the impact of work related injury. Henry Kaiser was a major
contributor to the development of prepaid health plans at the time, focusing on programs for steel mill
and ship yard workers (Tufts Managed Care Institute, 1998). Kaiser eventually opened his plans to the
public, believing he had developed a better way to offer health care services for all citizens.

In the early years, managed care organizations faced little competition. However, insurance
plans were developed in response to the need for health care services that gave citizens access and
choice of providers, when cooperatives and care organization benefits were not offered in the
workplace. Managed care faced challenges ...

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The expert describes the United States managed care in detail, including managed care history and the current status.