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    Guinea Worm Disease

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    1. State the correct Latin name of the disease and briefly describe the disease including the pathogen, vector, life cycle and incubation period, primary mode of transmission, and the signs and symptoms of the disease?

    2. Briefly describe the epidemiology of Guinea Worm Disease over the past 30 years?

    3. Briefly describe the global public health efforts related to the changing trends in the epidemiology of Guinea Worm Disease?

    4. Figure 2 suggests a seasonal pattern to the outbreak. Briefly discuss some of the factors that may account for the observed seasonality in Mazmum?

    5. Briefly discuss why you think that were no cases of Guinea Worm Disease in children under the age of 2 years?

    6. Briefly discuss why you think the incidence of Guinea Worm Disease was significantly higher in females aged 10-19 years compared to males of the same age?

    7. Briefly discuss why you think that the incidence in the Western Block of Mazmum was significantly higher than that in the Eastern Block?

    8. Develop a public health programme for Guinea Worm Disease in Mazmum. Discuss the important aspects of the programme such as surveillance, health education, case management, health education, and safe water source interventions and vector control. Consider the needs and characteristics of both the sedentary/fixed and nomadic
    Mazmum populations in your answer.

    Please see attached for further details on the disease.

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