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Mortality risks with poor sanitation

Environmental problems represent major threats to the health, quality of life, and longevity of people residing in all countries, but arguably more so in the developing world. What are some of the mortality risk factors and burdens associated with inadequate supplies of clean water and poor sanitation that disproportionately affect residents of developing countries? Do you think the risks to quality of life and longevity associated with these factors are greater for children or adults? Provide an example or statistic from your research to illustrate your point.

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Risks because of inadequate clean water and sanitation
- One in five children in developing countries, dies from water related diseases worldwide. (thewaterproject.org)
- Rural communities and poor urban areas are especially at risk.
- Lack of access to clean water affects entire families. Women and girls are especially at risk since they are the ones who gather the water from sources that unclean.
- Many hours are spent gathering water, often at a distance from the homes where it is used.
- Schools and other public buildings often do not have clean water and good sanitation in developing countries and other poor urban centers. This ...

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