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Effects of Poor Housing on Health

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Is there any association between poor housing conditions and adverse health outcomes? Please justify your position with in-text citations and a min of 250 + words.

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Poor Housing and Health

Poor housing is a reality for a good portion of the world's population, not only in the poorer nations and over-populated cities but even in the more advanced wealthier nations of the West, including the US. According to Wilkinson (2009), "Housing is one of the traditional areas of concern for public health, though it has been relatively neglected over recent decades. But housing is important for many aspects of healthy living and well-being. The home is important for psychosocial reasons as well as its protection against the elements, but it can also be the source of a wide range of hazards (physical, chemical, biological)." As our home is where we spend most of our time in, it is essential that the environment does not present hazardous elements that can impact families and ...

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