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    The Impact of Imigration and Globalization in United States

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    Lance Clark writes a column for the weekly Figaro newspaper and is known for his provocative and sometimes extreme opinions. In his most recent column, he wrote that he wanted all of the immigrants in town - specifically those people who came from Latin America - to leave. He accused them of taking jobs from "real Americans" He said that he only wanted to hear English on the streets of Figaro. The mayor has asked you to write a short article, to be published in the Figaro newspaper, in which you give a more balanced view of immigration issues. You should address the following points:

    1. Discuss the social and economic issues that commonly motivate immigration to the U.S. from Mexico and other parts of Latin America?
    2. Explain some of the problems/concerns faced by Latin American immigrants settling in the United States (for example, housing, discrimination, health care, job safety)?
    3. Identify 2 fears or worries that the long-term residents of Figaro might have regarding immigration to their town and provide information that you think will help address those concerns.

    That should be 4 paragraphs. Can you include reference for me too?

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    1. Discuss the social and economic issues that commonly motivate immigration to the U.S. from Mexico and other parts of Latin America?

    United States is currently in the midst of a powerful "fourth wave" of immigration by people who continue to be motivated to improve their lives in a new place of freedom and opportunity. According to the LWVNC Immigration Study Group, the economic and social issues that commonly motivate immigration are:

    1.) Humanitarian protection (5 - 10% per year) ? people seeking asylum or legal refugee status;
    2.) the lure of jobs and a better standard of living ? the pervasiveness of mass communication informs foreigners of U.S. amenities unavailable in their homelands, and also that there are unfilled jobs available;
    3.) As cross-border networks gain strength, immigration becomes "normative" for some families: social chains of friends/family become conduits, and connections with business sponsorship are shared;
    4.) Family reunification becomes the most powerful motivator of all (http://www.lwvnewcanaan.org/id29.html).

    This fourth point, according to the LWVNC Immigration Study Group, "has long been a cornerstone of both American law and immigration practice. The 1965 Hart-Celler Act emphasized reunification of immigrant families by creating a "family preference" quota framework that systematized the sponsorship of relatives by legal immigrants. This law specified that spouses and minor children of U.S. citizens are outside the preference category framework stated above, and then created first, second, third and ...

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