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Globalization of Financial Markets

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I have the following task, and I need some help getting started:

I have to discuss how the United States will be affected by the globalization of financial markets. Also, do you think that globalization will be a good thing or a bad thing for the US? The questions asked include:

1. What industries might be helped by globalization in the United States?

2. What industries might be hurt?

3. Will it help the country's economy and trade overall?

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Globalization of Financial Markets is discussed in great detail in this solution.

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Step 1

The industry that might be helped the most by globalization in the US is the capital goods industry. Specifically the industries that may gain the most are medicinal equipment, materials handling equipment and industrial engines. There is a large global demand for heavy machinery produced by the USA and as globalization takes place this demand will increase. Globalization leads to the establishment of factories in several parts of the world leading to an increasing demand for this industry. Other industries that will benefit from globalization are telecommunications equipment industry and civilian aircraft engines. Further, the industrial supplies industry will benefit from globalization. An important industry that will benefit from globalization is the soybean, meat, poultry, corn and wheat industry. Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan are excellent markets for corn and soybean products. ...

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