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Comparing Health Outcomes: India & China

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Briefly describe 2 health outcomes for China and India where the experiences were different. Explain the reasons for these disparities. Identify the experience of health outcomes in Kerala, India and suggest reasons for why they are similar or different than the rest of India.

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Similarities and differences exist between the political and economic climates in India and China,
which have affected the outcomes of health and health care. India has been a fee for service based system
for several decades, while China has only recently moved from an egalitarian system to a fee for service
system. Both countries have experienced economic growth, which has served to reduce poverty, and the
health problems associated with it. However, many differences remain.

Where health outcomes are concerned, one cannot ignore the most basic of a population's health
indicators, life expectancy and infant mortality. Life expectancy in India today is that of China in the 1970s.
This indicator alone is not a sole measure that can be used to determine health of a population, as many
Factors affect life expectancy, aside from disease. Lifestyle and life habits are other influences. Today,
India is experiencing many of the health problems of developed nations, like Diabetes, Heart Disease, and
Obesity, ...

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A comparison of health outcomes in India and China, challenges and factors influencing health.