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    Federal Healthcare Organizations

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    Research a federal governmental organization related to healthcare, such as FEMA, FDA, NIH, CDC, or HHS. It is important to note that some federal agencies are interconnected and work collaboratively; therefore, it might be advantageous to compare and contrast roles and responsibilities of your selected organization.
    1. Describe the organization's mission. Relate its stated mission to its activities. Include information to address their roles and responsibilities and provide a clear definition as to the charge of the federal agency.
    2. Describe 2 -3 important activities of the organization, particularly those relevant to gynecological and obstetrical care, pre- and post-natal services, and infant mortality.
    3. Examine resources utilization by the organization, particularly resources relevant to infant mortality.
    4. Discuss the organization's effectiveness in decreasing infant mortality rates, reducing heart disease, infectious diseases, or airborne pathogens.
    5. Introduce 2 -3 strategies or an action plan of public health priorities in the twenty-first century to create a healthier nation.

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    1. The overall mission of the FDA is to ensure the safety of the foods and drugs that are utilized by consumers within this nation. The scope of this mission includes the setting of standards by which foods, drugs, cosmetics, medical devices, and even tobacco products are produced, as well as to ensure that the ingredients and other materials contained within these products are not hazardous to the health and well-being of consumers. This organization's mission is related to his activities due to the fact that FDA officials randomly inspect the facilities that produce foods and other consumable goods, as well as conduct periodic inspections of the goods themselves, in order to carry out its mission of protecting the health and well-being of the consumer. In addition to the regulation of the safety of standard foods and drugs, this organization has the role, responsibility, and the charge to ensure that all measures are taken by which to reduce the incidence of disease by setting and enforcing sanitation standards and regulations on such nonfood products as the sperm housed in sperm banks, in ...