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Bioterrorism: Local, State, Federal Emergency Plans

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Few people in emergency management will disagree that an immediate response to a bio-terrorism emergency is appropriate; however, very few people agree as to what is an acceptable and a timely response.

An immediate problem that arises with bio-terrorism responses is that it may take several days after the event has been activated before anyone realizes that they have been exposed and involved in such an incident.

•In your opinion should local, state, and federal disaster management agencies develop different response plans for bio-terrorist emergencies and natural and other types of emergencies?

I need support of the position with quotations.

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Local, state and federal disaster management agencies should develop different response plans for bio-terrorist emergencies, natural, and other types of emergencies. The New Hampshire Division of Public Health Services (2011) points out emergency planning should be "based on the everyday mission, capability and capacity of responding agencies" (p. 2). Each agency must focus on developing a plan that utilizes the knowledge and skills that they have honed and use daily. To this end, the focus of the plans, while each addressing bioterrorist emergencies, would be uniquely focused based on the individual agency's skill sets.
The Public Health Preparedness Standards for State and Local Planning has established national standards that divide the tasks that "public health system partners need to be able to carry out as part of a comprehensive "all hazards" ...

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This solution discusses if local, state, and federal agencies should have different response plans for large scale emergencies like bioterrorism. Includes APA formatted references.

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