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    Bioterrorism Preparedness

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    Analyze 3 different bioterrorism preparedness procedures: one from a government agency, one business plan from the list below, and the one from your facility.

    1. What are the positive and negative aspects of these procedures?
    2. Does the procedure from your facility contain all of the elements from the government agency? What about the business plan?
    3. What are the differences between the facility you work and the business plan?
    4. Does the business plan follow the government agency recommendations?
    5. How can you improve your procedure using the government agency recommendations?

    Business plans (select one):
    University of Chicago Emergency Management Plan
    Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency Disaster Preparedness Planning Guide
    Unified Plan- Food/Water Bioterrorism Plan
    Council on Foundations Disaster Preparedness and Recovery Plan
    NASA Disaster Recovery Planning

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    A bioterrorism attack is the deliberate release of agents such as viruses, bacteria or other pathogens known to cause illness and death in animals, plants, and even people. Biological agents are spread through water, food, or the air. Terrorists use this form of terrorism because it is difficult to detect and some do not cause illness or distress for hours or even days after contamination. It is important to recognize the impact of a potential bioterrorism threat and to be prepared at the national, state and local level.

    The Centers for Disease Control has several layers of bioterrorism preparedness and procedures. The CDC helps prepare states and guide local governments in their own preparedness for bioterrorism, provide direction, support, funding and technical assistance for states to build and strengthen their own public health capabilities. Since the CDC works to be prepared on multiple levels and has several procedures for bioterrorism preparedness, just one will be analyzed in this essay. One specific agenda the CDC employs for bioterrorism threats is to create the 'Strategic National Stockpile'. This stockpile has large amounts of medicine and medical supplies to protect the United States population if there is a public health emergency due to bioterrorism. Once local supplies run out from local health departments, hospitals and such, the CDC will step in and provide aid. In order for the stockpile to be used ...

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    This is a description of bioterrorism preparedness from the CDC, local hospital and the Unified Plan- Food/Water Bioterrorism Plan.