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    Bioterrorism Preparedness

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    Following criticism for its response to the 2001 anthrax attacks, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has placed a high priority on bioterrorism preparedness and subsequently developed a controversial Smallpox Response Plan. See http://www.bt.cdc.gov/agent/smallpox/prep/cdc-prep.asp

    Why is this plan controversial?
    Do you think that we are taking the right approach in preparing for bioterrorism? Why or why not?

    Support your answers.

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    The plan is considered controversial because it was designed and based on the epidemic outbreak in the 1970's and concerns about the lack of understanding of the disease by current health officials who have little experience with the disease since it's eradication by the early 1980's. The question as to the applicability of then proper standards and practices in today's society is very controversial even though updates may have been made. Do these updates adequately account for changes between then and now?
    Also, concerns about the uncertainty in human immunity or resistance to the virus in present times ...

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    A brief analyses of the controversies over bio-terrorism preparedness measures in current times based on measures of the past.