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Computer Viruses

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Define each of the following terms in your own words:

? Boot sector
? File
? Multipartite
? Macro
? Trojan horse
? Email worms
? Instant messaging worms
? IRC worms
? File-sharing networks worms
? Internet worms

Explain how each virus or worm functions and spreads.

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- A boot sector is a sector in a storage device, usually a hard disk for computers, that contains the boot information and sequence to start a program, which is usually the operating system of the computer.

- A file is a software entity that contains the data or information and stored on a storage device. A file has many types, and each type is interpreted by specific types of programs.

- A multipartite virus is a type virus that infects the computer and spreads itself in many different ways.

- A macro is a set of rules that controls the sequence of the execution of instructions. An example of a macro is the Microsoft Excel macro, which controls the sequence of execution of each instructions on the script when run by the user.

- A Trojan Horse is a type of threat that will provide unauthorized access to the computer system when it penetrates through the system's security. This allows hackers to infiltrate the system ...

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