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    Long-term Care and Medicare

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    How has the demand for long-term health care changed and what's next?

    At what point does Medicaid become the payer for long-term care services?

    Discuss the issues associated with those questions in light of your own value system and beliefs.

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    Demand for Long Term Care

    Long term heath care is blossoming and not just for seniors, but for other individuals with disabilities (i.e. mental illness, developmental disabilities, AODA issues, etc.). Regardless, with the growing population of seniors, long term health care continues to be in high demand. Food for thought... I read somewhere that by 2050, 1/5 of the total US population will be elderly and that the number of people age 85 or older will grow fastest over the next few decades, constituting 4 percent ...

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    This solution provides the student with a comprehensive review of the demand for long-term care, medicaid, and the expert's opinion in light of my own value system and beliefs. The solution is approximately 300 words.