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    Recruitment Job and Task Analysis

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    In a broad outline, create a job-and-task analysis procedure accordingly for the following candidates:
    * Advanced administrative personnel
    * Entry-level clerical personnel

    Also provide potential HR assessments/tools/instruments that will aid in appropriate placement of said candidates. Cite sources.

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    Recruitment Request: 603250
    First, the best way to create a job-and-task analysis is by taking the job description and pulling it apart into the categories within a table outline for the position. For an Administrative Position, the following would apply:
    Responsibilities: Responsible for a variety of administrative and clerical duties to keep the organization running efficiently. Depending upon if this position is for a high executive within the company - this would also include attending meeting, taking minutes, and/or traveling with the executive to conferences.
    Abilities: Use of fax machines, computer, email, photocopiers, scanners, videoconferencing, telephone systems, software packages - Excel, Word, Power Point, and various database programs to create spreadsheets, compose correspondence, presentations, keep track of sales or purchases, in that order. Some even need to know how to use publishing software to create presentations and need to utilize digital graphics.
    Job Duties over ...

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