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    Evaluating the Onboarding Process

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    Please help evaluating and selecting onboarding strategies appropriate for a Vice President of Recruiting and Account Management for an IT Direct Hire and Consulting firm. Any help evaluating onboarding strategies appropriate to this position and help providing supporting rationale for the selection.

    Once we have evaluated and selected the onboarding strategies I need help developing an onboarding process that successfully integrates the Vice President of Recruiting and Account Management into the job position and organizational culture and provide a supporting rationale for it.

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    In this competitive era, it is necessary for the firms to recruit most suitable organizational members to be competitive in the market. For this, onboarding or organizational socialization is appropriate for the organizations to provide the information about organizational culture and behavior to employees in order to make them effective members of the organization (Silzer & Dowell, 2009). This paper will discuss an appropriate onboarding strategy for the organization and provide rational for this selection. In addition, it will also develop an onboarding process to integrate the employee into job position and organizational culture.

    Onboarding Strategy

    Onboarding strategy can be useful for the management to provide relevant knowledge, skills and behaviors regarding the organization to new employees. It helps new employees to play imperial part in the success of organization. For a Vice President of recruiting and account management of an IT Direct Hire and Consulting firm, formal orientation programs can be appropriate onboarding strategy that can help to identify the suitability of employee within the organization (Bradt & Vonnegut, 2009). Formal orientation programs can be corporate specific, department specific and job specific.

    Corporate specific programs can be useful to provide the information related to mission, vision, objectives values, structure and culture of the firm, while department specific programs can provide knowledge regarding hiring and account department including processes, structure and polices (Westwood & Johnson, 2011). Job-specific orientation programs are related to work environment and accountability of employees regarding the job and organizational objectives.

    This strategy is selected for this position because it allows the employees to get all needed information related to organizational culture and behavior. Apart from this, formal orientation programs also provide ...

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