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    New Employee Orientation Program: PERT & CPM

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    Assume that your organization is implementing a new Employee Orientation training and you are responsible for organizing it. How could CPM and PERT assist you?

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    My organization is implementing new employee orientation training and I am responsible for organizing it. CPM and PERT can assist me in several ways. Critical Path Method and Program Evaluation and Review Technique will help me plan the timing of new employee orientation training because the training involves sequential activities.

    The activities in new employee orientation training broadly are sending a welcome letter to the employee before he appears for employment, providing a job description, giving performance criteria, meeting the employee, introducing them to employees, getting forms and register signed, explaining time recording, handing over important documents, employee policies, code of conduct, showing them facilities, scheduling computer software training, assigning an employee as a buddy, taking him to lunch, and meeting with them at the ...

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    The answer to this problem explains how CPM & PERT can help me in new employee orientation training program . The references related to the answer are also included.