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    Project Management and Software as Tools

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    1.Discuss how project management techniques can be used to improve the completion of projects. With this in mind, discuss the role of start and finish times with respect to project completion time.

    2.Explain the role of software in project management.

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    Two most common project management techniques with direct bearing on project completion are Program/Project Evaluation and Review Technique (PERT) and Critical Path Method (CPM).
    PERT analyzes the various activities of a project and designs a network that computes for the duration of the project and its expected completion time.
    The network utilizes the concepts of Earliest Start Time (ES), Latest Start Time (LS), Earliest Finish Time (EF), and ...

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    The solution describes how project management techniques, specifically PERT/CPM, can be used in project completion.
    It also explains the role of software in expediting computation in project management.