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    PAD 500-PERT & Critical Path Method

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    I need assistance with the following questions. Any assistance you can provide is greatly appreciated.

    Denhardt, R.B., & Denhardt, J.V. (2009). Public administration: An action orientation: 2010 custom edition. (6th ed.). Belmont, CA: Thompson - Wadsworth - Cengage Learning.

    Please provide any references you may use.

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    Select the PERT technique you consider MOST valuable when altering or enhancing steps associated with reengineering. Explain your choice.

    Select the PERT technique you consider LEAST valuable when altering or enhancing steps associated with reengineering. Explain your choice.

    Describe and analyze how the two techniques you chose influence the Critical Path Method.

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    Program Evaluation Review Technique: Toward Reengineering in Public Administration
    "Program evaluation is the systematic assessment of the processes and/or outcomes of a program with the intent of furthering its development and improvement. Upon its completion, cumulative and summative evaluation findings are made and used to make decisions about program continuation or expansion". (http://www.washington.edu/oea/services/research/program_eval/faq.html).
    Reengineering is defined by an online source as a process of reinventing the way a firm or a business process gets its work done. The objective is the achievement of dramatic improvements in performance along cost, service, and speed.
    As applied to the case at hand, the program evaluation technique will be used to assess the processes and outcomes in a particular government entity. The result of which will be utilized in its reengineering or reinventing plans. The bottom line would be an improved performance in the way the government entity is providing services to its constituents.

    Program Evaluation ...

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    PAD 500-PERT and critical path methods are examined.