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    Quantitative analysis:Networks, PERT, critical path.

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    PM Computers is an international manufacturer of computer equipment and software. It is going to introduce a number of new products in the coming year, and it wants to develop marketing programs to accompany the product introductions. The marketing program includes the preparation of printed materials distributed directly by the company and used by the company's marketing personnel, vendors, and representatives; print advertising in regular magazines, trade journals, and newspapers; and television commercials. The program also includes extensive training programs for marketing personnel, vendors, and representatives about the new products. A project management team with members from the marketing department and manufacturing areas has developed the following list of activities for the development fo the marketing program: (see attached chart)

    Construct the network for this project and determine the activity schedule. Identify critical path and determine the expected project duration time and variance. What is the probability that the program can be completed within 4 months?

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    The problem deals with estimating project duration, critical path and probability using PERT techniques.