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    Critical Path Analysis (CPA)

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    Scope is indeed important; as is the need sometimes to change it...happens all the time!

    Question: does this mean the Critical Path Analysis (CPA) can change during the lifetime of a project?

    Please include references.

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    Program Evaluation Review Technique (PERT) is a network of project activities that shows both the amount of time required to finish each activity and the sequence of the activities that must be followed to complete the project (Certo, 2000).
    Within the PERT is the sequence of activities that requires the longest period of time to complete - this is the so-called critical path. It is considered critical because any delay in the accomplishment of any activity within the path would cause a delay in the completion of the entire project.

    Important terms in relation to the PERT - CPM need to be clarified:
    1. Activities are specific tasks that need to be performed in a project.
    2. Events are the ...

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    The solution discusses the critical path analysis and how it can change during the lifetime of a project.