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Workplace Trends & Future of Performance Management

The discussion questions addressed in this solution:

1. Evaluate current worker and workplace trends and predict the impact on future performing management systems.
2. From the e-Activity, discuss how performance management practices must change to adapt to the growing number of employees working remotely. Provide specific examples to support your response. (Use the internet to research emerging workplace trends with a focus on employees working remotely (from home).
3. Propose ways to keep performance management effective In the future.
4. Predict the importance of setting rewards meaningful to the employee in future management systems.

Trends include a discussion on blending three generations together in workforce and the impacts placed on those who are not only caring for children, but aging parents as well. Workplace trends may include telecommuting and reduced or flexible work schedules. The key to successful performance management is flexibility; adapting to the changing needs of employees and how work is performed.

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1. The current trend in workers is a vast blending of three generations working together: Generation X, Generation Y and Baby Boomers - many of which are able to retire. Such a dynamic could present issues in managing performance if flexibility is not introduced. Baby Boomers who entered the workforce at an early age, and are now entering retirement age, leave organizations with a wealth of experience. To help ease the loss of workers with 40, or perhaps even 50 years of experience, transitional schedules may help to retain and shift performance expectations of these workers. Perhaps part-time options can be offered; so the more experienced workers can assist with training the younger generations. For the Gen X and Y employees, there can be significant personal demands competing for their time; such as caring for children and/or aging parents. Flexibility in schedule, such as later start times and even telecommuting, may ...

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This solution addresses four discussion questions on worker/workplace trends, as well as the future of performance management systems. It is over 400 words in length and includes two references.