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Building rapport on the first day of school

This job explores how over the first week of school, how is the curriculum/program/course/subject introduced to the students and their parents? It then explains the role of rapport building in creating a positive learning environment during the first week. It uses personal examples and data to validate.

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As the first week begins, instructors must present a clear and specific view of what is expected and the desires or goals the instructors have set for the students. Parents need to be informed by the instructor of an 'open door' policy, meaning instructors should encourage parental involvement in the classroom, and support from parents at home to meet the desired goals. Students should not be overwhelmed, but should have a clear understanding of the subjects or topics that will be covered for the year. As this information is communicated to the students, the instructors should stress that the subjects will be taught in a manner that will not overwhelm or cause a child to fall behind anyone in the classroom. Parents should have the ...

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How to build rapport in the first week of school between students and instructors. Using the curriculum/program/subject to bring students, parents, and educators together for the year.