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    The Physiological, Social and Emotional/Intellectual Domains

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    Please provide a brief description of childhood and adolescent developmental stages focusing on the three domains: Physiological, Social and Emotional/Intellectual.
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    The Physiological Domain:
    Children in this stage of development are very physical and can be described as having developed the larger muscle areas in the legs and arms rather than the smaller muscle areas. Bouncing a ball and running are activities that children in this stage appear to enjoy; however doing both at the same time is difficult. Children in this stage become tired, yet resist resting, planning periods of rest as well as offering healthy snacks will help children in this stage learn to eat well and take care of their bodies. (Nuttal, 2002)

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    This solution is comprised of a description of the three domains of childhood and adolescent development. Includes over 300 words on the physiological, social and emotional/intellectual domains. It also includes a complete list of references for further investigation of the topic.