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Family Groupings in Education

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Just your thoughts on this....I have a paper to write on this topic, so some starting ideas would be fabulous. Thanks.

Children are currently in many different types of family groupings: nuclear, extended, single-parent, blended, adopted, subfamilies, foster, etc. Therefore, many educators address communications to family, rather than parent. Why is it important for the teacher to be knowledgeable and sensitive to the diversity of family groups? How have you assisted children in meeting their emotional needs during a time of family crisis (divorce, illness, etc.) which causes stress for the children?

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This describes reasons for sensitivity to the diversity of family groups found in education, and provides links for further research.

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Although many people in "non-traditional" family groupings understand when "traditional" language is used, like "mother," "father," "parent" and so on, it's important to be sensitive to help provide a welcoming environment to children who may already feel awkward about a living situation that is "different."

Sensitivity to family diversity is important for the same reasons that cultural sensitivity is important. The highest priority in education should be ensuring that all students are able to learn. This is best achieved by having students who feel comfortable in a classroom. No student will feel comfortable if they feel that their family lifestyle is ...

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