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    Expanding the definition of family

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    Transforming a curriculum that offers a glimpse into a study of family as the theme.

    As the political framework for defining family has become a contentious issue in recent years because of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community's struggle to be recognized as family units.

    Please help me describe the curricular importance and why this approach would be useful in an educational setting.

    How does it differ from others and finally why as an educator would this approach appeal to one?

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    A family is traditionally defined as a woman, married to a man, and their offspring. Occasionally, this includes a grandparent as well. However, definitions of family have expanded in the last few generations, and now the term family encompasses any group of people who choose to share living arrangements (adult/child, same sex or not, related by blood or legal ties, or not). This has understandably complicated such things as insurance coverage, among other important, legal issues. Who qualifies as covered family members then?

    STEP siblings, parents, and extended families are now so common as to be ...

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    Discussion of the definition of family, and how thqt has changed in modern times to include more non-traditional groupings, along with suggestions on how to present that concept in instructional settings, without arousing undue ire from stakeholders.