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Inclusion of students with disabilities in the classroom

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What strategies can a teacher implement for students with mild disabilties to be successful in a general education classroom?
What is your position on the ways that students with disabilties should be taught?

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When you start your paper, consider an outline that breaks the topic into sections. For example: the classroom, evaluation choices, teaching methods, curriculum options, etc.

Some possible points to include:
1. What is the physical layout of your classroom- will desk groupings work best or a single file arrangement? (Take into
consideration the nature of the disability. Some students will benefit from groupings while others will need to avoid the
distractions of a group setting).
2. Is your class layout conducive to someone with physical disabilities? (I don't know the nature of the disabled students you
are to ...

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This solution includes a list of approaches for the inclusion of students with disabilities into the classroom. It provides suggestions regarding classroom design and management, evaluation, teaching methods, and curriculum.
This solution includes a list of books on the topic of students with disabilities.
This solution includes a list of education journals.