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    Advantages And Disadvantages of Inclusion In The Classroom

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    Explain the concept of inclusion and evaluate three types of services that may benefit disabled students. Reference three specific research-based sources. Identify advantages and disadvantages for the student with the disability who may experience inclusion.

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    Inclusion is the practice of placing students with learning disabilities within a class of students with no disabilities.

    The advantages for the student with the disability include:
    -receiving classroom instruction given by a regular subject expert in the subject being learned and fuller access to unlimited curriculum.
    - observance of how non-disabled students learn the material with the possibility of "learning how to ...

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    Inclusion is the practice of teaching students with disabilities related to learning and other issues in a regular classroom with students that do not have disabilities. There are pros and cons of this practice which has become the norm in most educational environments today. This solution discusses the advantages and disadvantages of inclusion.