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Training approaches

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Explain the primary training approaches: on-the-job, classroom, and self paced and include advantages and disadvantages of each.

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The expert explains the primary training approaches. On-the-job, classroom, and self paced and include advantages and disadvantages are provided.

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The three different training approaches, on the job, classroom, and self paced, have their advantages and disadvantages. Some are more suitable for specific types of learning. All approaches should consider the group of learners, subject matter, and application of learning, when selecting the most appropriate training plan. The training approach should also consider the resources the organization has available.
On the job training is suitable for many situations. It involves new employees possibly working with seasoned workers for a while or with direct supervision, until the necessary tasks are learned. One
advantage is that supervisors can get a first-hand look at the progress and skill level of new employees.
Employers can "ensure that training is aligned with skills requirements" (National Skills Coalition, 2010) Supervisors can then make necessary adjustments, such as additional skill development or more guidance, when needed. A disadvantage is that important ...

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