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Human Resource (Quantitatively and Qualitatively)

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Evaluating (quantitatively and qualitatively) training and development activities should be an important part of strategic activities within organizations. Discuss the training evaluation process, starting with the concept of a training needs analysis, to a discussion of the importance of transfer of training, to a discussion of the ways that the benefits can be computed (cost-benefit analysis, return-on investment analysis and benchmarking). Also, briefly discuss the benefits (study-wise) of some of the more common training approaches (lectures, intercultural competence training, succession planning, on-the-job training, and online training approaches). Do they work or not?

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The concept of a training needs analysis is very important for any organization, due to the fact that this form of analysis helps an organization to understand the gap between the training that these staff members are presently receiving within the organization, and the actual training that these individuals need in order to be able to conduct their daily activities in a highly efficient and effective manner. A training needs analysis also incorporates a methodology by which to determine the training option that should be utilized in order to train the staff in the manner that will be most helpful, and help them to improve network efficiency. If an organization does not conduct a training needs analysis, then this organization may inadvertently continue with training methods that are not producing the desired results. Transfer of training is important due to ...

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