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Operations Management: JIT - Five Major Constraints

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Based on the Just-in-Time Under Fire: The Five Major Constraints Upon JIT Practices article you read in this unit, describe problems associated with just-in-time (JIT) in the following categories:

* External obstacles.
* Global and logistical issues.
* Behavioral constraints.
* Intractable accounting systems.
* Small supplier difficulties.

What does the author conclude is the major problem with how JIT has been focused?

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The expert examines operations management for JIT five major constraints.

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Operations Management - JIT

Based on the Just-in-Time under Fire: The Five Major Constraints upon JIT Practices article, the problems associated with just-in-time (JIT) are as follows:
1. External obstacles
These are problems or constraints that may limit the effectiveness of JIT inventory policy and are not within direct control of the management of the company because they are external in nature. These may include:
a) Scarcity of raw materials that may result to significant fluctuations in its prices.
b) Customer expectations. These expectations may change from time to time. This will require some adjustments in the factors of production and the corresponding inventory level that must be put up.
c) Rate of consumer demand. A producer or a manager cannot expect constant demand of consumers. There are factors that may put an upward or downward pressure on their demand. Hence, applying JIT will either not allow the company to cope with ...

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