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    JIT Principles

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    Describe JIT principles.

    Evaluate quality control tools used to analyze and improve processes.
    Identify management quality initiatives, such as TQM, Six Sigma.

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    //JIT principles are the important components of the production process. For initiation of the production process, the basic knowledge of JIT principles is essential. In this regard, the description of the JIT principles is done under the same heading.//

    JIT principles:

    JIT (Just in Time) is an effective system of production control, with which it will be easy to deliver raw materials and component parts to the production line just before they demand. The given approach of total quality management aids in organizing all the production operations in such an efficient way, so that all the activities occur at a predefined time when they are required. The major principles of JIT are as under:
    Build to order: This is one of major principles of JIT that mainly focuses on making orders as per the demand. This principle covers that the inventory should be pulled out through the system when it is demanded, so that it is easy to keep off the wasteful money and time in handling the inventory.

    Waste Elimination: JIT's core principle is to eliminate the waste that would lead in improving the process efficiency. In respect to this principle, JIT not only eliminates waste related to processing, but also focuses on other types ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 820 words with references.