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Providing Effective Feedback and Distributing Practice Through Learning Events

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Please help, trying define two Practice Principle which are Provide Effective Feedback and Distribute and Mix Practice Among Learning Events by describe each, explain how the principles can impact learning when applied, describe the challenges associated with incorporating the principle into a JIT training activity, examine the risks associated with the failing to incorporate the principles and the describe at least one example for each that illustrate how practice can be applied to JIT training which including any technology associated with this application. Please help.

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To provide effective feedback, the use of pedagogical agents that are animated coaches provided effective feedback to e-learners while also guiding them through the process of e-learning. Under the right circumstances, people treat computers like real people, and this can be utilized to the advantage of e-learning wherein a personalized touch ...

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203 words explore the effectiveness of practice activities done via these two principles.

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