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    How do leaders develop and evolve?

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    How do leaders develop and evolve due to their professional experiences?

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    How do leaders develop?

    Inspired and motivated leaders are essential for any business that wants to outperform the competition. But just how does a leader become inspired and motivated to lead? What kind of leadership do people respond to and how can you improve the quality of leadership in your business?

    Leadership is visionary; it is the projection of personality and character to inspire people to achieve the desired outcome.

    "The starting point for leadership is personal development, and this focuses on understanding oneself, understanding other people, developing oneself and developing others" (http://www.evolveleadership.co.uk/coaching_leaders.htm)

    Leaders learn through others

    Leaders learn and evolve through others. Leaders learn from relationships and mentors Leaders learn from others. They learn from discussions and feedback they receive from relationships with other leaders. For example, one professional experience that can help a leader develop is working with other more experienced executives and managers to extend potential and take performance to the next level. Mentorship from more experienced leaders helps new leader develop and evolve. The feedback and insights a person gains from these relationships is another source of learning and development for leaders. Leaders cultivate relationships with other leaders and use ...

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    Through research and examples, this solution explains how leaders develop and evolve due to their professional experiences.