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Implementing Effective Feedback with Students

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Discuss the importance of implementing effective feedback which relate student performance to standards, progress and even corrective procedures. How would your students benefit from effective feedback to close the educational gap and achieve learning targets?

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Describes how educators can provide effective feedback in the classroom. Analyzes feedback as it relates to student performance, learning standards, and corrective procedures.

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Effective feedback is strongly correlated with achievement. Research indicates that feedback and corrective procedures can support most students enough to achieve the same levels as the top 20% of students (Bellon, Bellon, & Blank).

Black and Wiliam outline three critical elements of what they term enhanced feedback:
~recognition of the desired goal
~evidence about present position
~some understanding of a way to close the gap between the two

Clarity from the teacher about the learning goals of a lesson or unit is where effective feedback begins. Clear objectives should be communicated to the student in a way that both engages and challenges the ...

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