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    Effective Feedback

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    Design a job aid that will serve to assist teachers in creating quality, effective feedback for their students. Your job aid should include quick tips for determining quality feedback and examples of feedback for a variety of performance levels and mathematical tasks.

    Your job aid may take the form of a list, a "foldable," a pamphlet, a document, a narrated PowerPoint, or it may be created in a blog or other online resource. Your creation should be visually pleasing and designed for ease of use and information access. Whatever you choose to create, provide access to your instructor by uploading all the necessary files, and include links or text in a document. There is no page or length requirement as that will limit your creativity. In whatever you create, make sure you have addressed all the required topics listed above. Provide the proper APA citation for any sources that you use, and include a title page and reference page(s).

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    One new job aid that has been designed into use for the classroom to create quality, effective feedback for students and assist in serving teachers is the smartphone. In certain programs throughout North Carolina, these phones have changed the dynamic between the teacher and student wherein teachers become more of a facilitator and less of a lecturer. Students in the math class are issued smartphones providing internet access, video-camera technology, and instant-messaging options. Teachers can view what a student is doing on his or her phone anytime using special software, and teachers may take over the device or shut it down. This is imperative to ensure ...

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